Calgary Zoo and Torrington Gopher Museum


Last weekend we decided to go with my parents for a quick trip to our neighbors to the south and visit the Calgary Zoo, It was a big place. Lots of cool animals, nice facilities. everything was pretty good.

Here’s a few images as well from the zoo. It was overcast for the most part so it wasn’t great for photography but it was ok.

So, we went to Crossiron Mills and New Horizons Mall. I quite liked New Horizons. If I want to go to one of the 3 quintillion trash stores, I can find them at CrossIron Mills. If I want to see some smaller businesses where they sell things the owners know and give a crap about, I’ll go to New Horizons. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be terribly successful even a few years later from opening. Oddly enough, I think the location is wrong for that kind of business style. But whatever.

We took a detour to Torrington where the have the WORLD FAMOUS GOPHER HOLE MUSEUM!!! It’s a charming little museum with dioramas of taxidermy gophers in various settings. Cute in it’s own way. It was surprisingly busy and they seem to really care about their museum and town proper. very cool.

Anyways, is a fun little place. go check it out!